Tuesday 29 October 2013

Beer Tasting: By The Horns Hopslinger American IPA

I picked this beer up at Oddbins London Bridge (which, incidentally, is a great place to source London beers). This IPA looks great: it pours a perfectly clear amber-gold, lightly effervescent, with a moderate, foamy white head. The aroma holds orange, pine, modest caramel, lightly toasted bread and some background grapefruit. The flavour is medium sweet with a sturdy malt character, some dry toasted bread, a bit of earth, dirty pine, semi-dry orange and further grapefruit. It is medium bodied with fine carbonation. Lightly resinous to finish, there are notes of juicy citrus fruits, bread, dry caramel, subtle grass and earth. It's a pretty decent IPA with a relatively dynamic hop profile. It certainly leans more to the dirty, earthy end of the IPA spectrum. (Score: 3.6/5.0)