Sunday 29 November 2015

Beer Tasting: Brixton Atlantic APA

I've had most of the beers Brixton has put out over the last couple of years. While I have quite enjoyed some of them, others have struggled to come together. This Atlantic APA (American Pale Ale) is a pretty good representation of the brewery: the beer has its moments, but it's not without flaws.

The beer pours lightly misty, pale yellow-gold with a thick, tight and creamy white head that really hangs on. The aroma has a bit of pleasing citrus fruits at first but when you dig a bit deeper you get some hay and, alas, plastic. The flavor is lightly sweet with quick citrus, a bit of pale bread, lemon, bitter plastic and grass. Light bodied with fine carbonation. Lightly astringent to finish with further bitter plastic, touches of juicy lemon and tangerine. The plastic notes - could be due to chlorophenols, I suppose - do detract from the beer, which is a shame because otherwise this would be a very pleasant APA.

I picked this beer up from Market Row Wines in Brixton.