Leighton Smith is a London-based writer. An American, he moved to London in the autumn of 2010. Leighton started the London Beer Guide as a way to justify, in part, the inordinate amount of time and energy (not to mention money) he puts into keeping up with the beer-related goings-on in London, and to share with others what he learns along the way. 

In addition to yielding a degree, Leighton’s university years provided the opportunity to explore the world of beer. His passion for beer began in 2007 when he started appreciating the modern American craft beer scene. This passion deepened further during a period of study in Europe in 2008, during which time Leighton travelled to Belgium, Germany and the Czech Republic.  

Leighton has past experience in various segments of the beer industry, including wholesale distribution, bartending and brewing. He has also served as a beer judge and has organised tastings for weddings and other private events.

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  1. I owe most of my beer knowledge, and a great deal of my beer exposure to Leighton Smith. Back in the fall of 2009 I was living in NYC making my 'living' as an improv comedian and Leighton was working in beer distribution. What better to do when you have no money than to follow Leighton around the city to all of the free beer events! That year yielded my first favorite craft beer - Sierra Nevada Celebration - my first sour beer - didn't like it that much (oh how times have changed) - and loads of other beer themed firsts. And that is all to say nothing about the man himself, whom I can tell you is one of the most solid, genuine, and upstanding expats you'll ever meet. Another thing I can tell you is that he is exceedingly modest, as evidenced by the simplistic bio above. Cheers Leighton.