Sunday 3 January 2016

Beer Tasting: Gipsy Hill Six O'Clock Swill

To commemorate their 100th batch, Gipsy Hill brewed this all Nelson Sauvin IPA. It's a decent beer overall, save for a mild off-note that's reminiscent of plastic or chlorine.

The beer pours hazy orange-gold with a frothy, white head. The aroma has a bit of pleasant tropical fruit, but also an off-note of chlorophenols - something like soap, or plastic. The flavour is medium sweet, with notes of white bread, tangerine, light soapy astringency, lemon peel, orange. Medium bodied with average carbonation and massaging texture; the condition is optimal. Lightly resinous on the finish, with more pale bread, the beer also shows citrusy hops, some melon, papaya, and that unfortunate phenolic off-flavour. This would be quite nice if not for the off-notes. I've very much enjoyed the overall output from Gipsy Hill, so it's something of a bummer that this one didn't entirely hit the mark.

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