Sunday 9 June 2013

Beer Tasting: Partizan Saison Grisette Lemongrass Edition

My quality of life has improved dramatically since March of this year, mostly because that's when Partizan began their Saison Grisette series. I'm a huge fan of the saison style and, until this year, very few breweries in London had been attempting the style, let alone producing a good example of it. What has been especially exciting about Partizan's saisons is that brewer Andy Smith has been releasing a wide array of variations. His saisons range in ABV from around 4% all the way up to north of 7%, and include a variety of ingredient tweaks with regards to the hops, fruits, herbs and spices.

It could very well be my imagination, but I feel like these grisettes are getting better and better with each batch. The one in my glass tonight - the Lemongrass Edition - pours perfectly clear, lightly effervescent with a frothy, pure white head. The nose carries dry dough, some biscuity pale malts, lemony citrus. Light sweet flavor with the typical Partizan Grisette balance, mild straw, doughy pale malts, white bread, faint grassy bitterness, some lemon merengue. Light bodied with average to lively carbonation. Fairly sweet to finish with just a touch of dryness to even things out, with further white bread, angel food cake, light grass and straw bitterness and some further playful lemon merengue. An absolute delight.

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